Pontoon Carpet Replacement

Reviving the look and feel of your pontoon  can be greatly improved by replacing your pontoon carpet and  is easier than you think.   here we will cover the steps necessary to professionally remove your old pontoon carpet and install new high quality marine grade pontoon carpet.    You can also find quality sources for pontoon carpet,  carpet adhesive and all the supplies you need to professionally remove and replace your pontoon carpet.  



Find Pontoon Carpet and Supplies to Replace make your Pontoon Boat look like New! 



Pontoon Boat Carpet Replacement Instructions

Other than polishing the pontoon tubes to make them shiny and new, the only other items to replace in refurbishing your pontoon boat is replacing all the pontoon seats, captain's console, storage units and the carpet.  The pontoon furniture items are generally expensive so if  yours are still in good shape it's cheaper to clean them up.  The other item that's not very expensive to replace is the pontoon carpet.  New pontoon carpet can give your used pontoon boat a new look and feel.    And changing your pontoon carpet is something you can tackle in a weekend.

First remove the pontoon furniture items - the driver's console, the seats, pontoon storage units.   Make sure you label the wiring that attaches to the driver's console instruments.  You should also bag and label all attachment hardware and screws.  Also remove the railings and pontoon deck edge cap. 

Next pull up the carpet,  cut in sections or strips if needed.   If alot of carpet glue is being left on the deck and you not planning on replacing the decking a heat gun can be used to soften the pontoon carpet glue.  This  will allow the carpet to be pulled up easier.  The  softened carpet glue can be scraped off easier.   

After the carpet has been removed,  finish scraping the remaining carpet glue residue off with a putty knife.   You want to make sure the pontoon deck surface is smooth so that the new pontoon carpet lays flat and without any bumps.  Use a heat gun and putty knife to remove any bumps.  If you don't have a heat gun, a power sander can be used to sand the surface smooth. 

Next inspect the deck thoroughly for any signs of rot or warping.  If the deck has severe warping or has rotting in some areas, it should be replaced.   Replace the decking with a pressure treated marine grade plywood.     Be careful to remove all wiring attachments and label all connections before disconnecting and removing.    Unscrew and remove the old decking and replace with new.   Use new stainless steel screws to attach the new decking.

After the decking has been prepared or replaced roll out the carpet and trim around the edges.  Stretch the carpet as best you can and cut to about 6 inches over the edge.    After your new pontoon carpet has been roughly cut to size  ie. a little larger than the actual deck size to allow for carpet movement,  fold back one half to the center of the deck.   Apply marine grade boat carpet adhesive liberally using a roller or large brush.  Allow the adhesive to tack up as specified on the can instructions, usually a few minutes.  Fold back the carpet and smooth out using a roller or the top edge of a gargage type push broom.   Gently pull the carpet at the edge to smooth out the carpet.  Continue to roll the carpet to eliminate any air pockets.    Next repeat for the other half of the carpet.  

After the carpet has been layed flat , staple around the edges and allow the the glue to dry.  After the glue has dried the carpet should be trimmed to the edges and the edge cap replaced.   Route the cables and wires through the deck as required.  Install the railing, console, pontoon seats and storage units.  Reattach wiring and thottle and steering cables to the console  as required.    That's it. Your pontoon boat now has great new look and feel . 



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